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Sri Mata Amritanandamayi                                

Love, compassion, empathy and tolerance, under the pressures of modern life, these qualities have all but disappeared. Through her loving embrace and charitable activities, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi (affectionately known as Amma or Mother) is healing the heart of the world, rekindling love and mutual respect, and awakening people to their fundamental oneness. Through her extraordinary acts of love and self-sacrifice, Amma has endeared herself to millions. Tenderly caressing everyone who comes to her, holding them close to her heart in a loving embrace, Amma shares boundless love with all. Be they young or old, sick or healthy, rich or poor, everyone who comes to her receives the same unconditional love.

Swami Atmachaithanya                                    

Swami Atmachaithanya was born in 1964 in the small village of Uppaychal, a poor rural community in southwest India. Throughout his early childhood Swami showed remarkable kindness towards others and a great reverence for the Divine. He kept the image of Lord Shiva constantly in his mind and attained Self-realisation at the age of seven. As he got older many people came to seek his advice and to benefit from his miraculous healing powers. Then, as now, Swami asks for no payment for the help that he gives.


Swami Atmananda Udasin                                   


Swami Atmananda Udasin is the spiritual head of Ajatananda Ashram, an interreligious ashram in the Himalayan foothills at Rishikesh, India. Originally from Belgium, he has been living in India for the past 20 years.

After a brief career as a lecturer at university, he spent ten years of solitude at a hermitage in Israel and then in North India. Towards the end of his long retreat, he received initiation into sannyasa (monastic renunciation) in 2001 from his Master Sri Chandra Swami Udasin. Swami Atmananda has also been deeply inspired for the last thirty years by the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Swami Abhishiktananda (Henri Le Saux) and his realized disciple Swami Ajatananda Saraswati (Marc Chaduc).

Swami Atmananda Udasin teaches about the Direct Path of Non-Duality in the tradition of Advaita Vedanta, and offers Satsangs and retreats in India and internationally.




Braco (pronounced Bratso) is dedicated to a life mission that ignites hope, offers help and enriching possibilities in people’s lives. This work has continued since 1995, and is best known across Europe and the United States. His gift is shared through his silent gaze, and offers many visitors the relief from life difficulties that they seek help to overcome. Braco wishes the best for people’s lives and shares a special gift to aid them. His giving gaze offers visitors the opportunity to experience the natural and accessible substance that nourishes life. As visitors feel, become open to and accept this form of help, it can establish renewed balance, health and a peaceful harmony to face life openly, and the future positively. Braco himself comments: “ We all carry a seed inside, which can become a beautiful fruit one day.”

Chandra Swami Udasin                            

As a child, Chandra Swami used to have mystical experiences and visions of various saints unknown to him. In 1947, he was initiated into the Udasin order by Mahant Girdhari Dassji. In 1952, while studying for a Master's Degree, the urge for God-realisation was so strong that he abandoned his studies and all worldly ties and left for Haridwar. He grew his hair long and started wearing white clothes. He meditated two hours in the early morning and two hours in the evening and read Vedantic scriptures, like books by Swami Ram Tirth and Swami Vivekananda. He has maintained silence for the last 45 years.

Father Laurence Freeman                                        

Laurence Freeman was born in England in 1951 where he was educated by the Benedictines and studied English Literature at New College, Oxford University. Before entering monastic life, he had experience with the United Nations in New York, banking and journalism. Today Fr Laurence is a Benedictine monk of the Monastery of Christ our Saviour, Turvey, England, a monastery of the Congregation of Monte Oliveto. He is Director of The World Community for Christian Meditation. In the monastery, his spiritual teacher was John Main. He helped Fr John to establish the first Christian Meditation Centre in London. After the death of John Main in 1982, he continued the work of teaching meditation that had already begun to develop a global community. In 1991, Fr Laurence returned to England to establish the International Centre of the newly formed World Community for Christian Meditation, now present in more than a hundred countries and which has become a 'monastery without walls', in which he travels and teaches widely.

Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda                         

Sri Swamiji is renowned for his Healing and Meditation music and he is considered a divine guide who cultivates the ancient Vedic traditions. He was born fully realised in command of the eight Mahasiddhis and is a Guru in the Dattatreya Avadhoota lineage. Sri Swamiji honours all religions and teaches that it's possible to reach God by many paths. "It is of primary importance to attune with God through prayer, worship and the chanting of God's holy names.....Then God Himself will give you good guidance" says Sri Swamiji.

Sri Jayanti Kumaraswami           

Her Divine Grace Sri Jayanthi Kumaraswami is love and divinity personified. Sri Jayanthi, lovingly called Swamiji, is a modern day Guru (spiritual guide), seer, humanitarian, philosopher and healer. Swamiji is the Founder and President of the Sri Jai Sathya Mission (based in Chennai); an international charitable Trust which assist less privileged families, youth in education, women counseling, animal welfare and much more. Her Divine Grace is also the Founder and Spiritual Leader of a Hindu religious movement namely Om Namo Narayana Seva Samiti.


Sri Karunamayi                                                            

Sri Karunamayi is revered in India as an embodiment of divine motherly love, due to the love and affection that she showers liberally on people, animals, and even plants, the spiritual knowledge and guidance that she gives freely to all of humanity, and the humanitarian works that she has undertaken. "Amma," as she is affectionately called by her devotees, is simply the Telugu word for "mother," Telugu being Amma's native language.

Shree Maa                                                                         

From her earliest years Shree Maa's only desire was to meditate, merging her own being in the universal being the Hindus call Brahman. Inspired by the 19th century Bengali mystic, Paramahamsa Ramakrishna, she left her family's home, and taking to the forests and foothills of Kamakhya, she performed sadhana in the regions of the State of Assam and in the Himalayan foothills in India. She sat most of the time on one asana in the silence of deep meditation, speaking very little, and eating practically nothing, only sandal paste mixed with water, tulsi [basil] leaves and occasional juice fed to her by disciples and devotees. People who saw her in samadhi for hours and days at a time, called her the Goddess of the Mountain, The Goddess of the River, or simply Shree Maa, the Respected Holy Mother.

Maitreyi Amma                                                           

Maitreyi Amma was born in Normandy (France) in December 1952. After being born blind, she recovered her sight miraculously at the age of six and a half. She experienced the life of a woman in the West, while constantly remaining in connection to the Divine, then went to live in India. When she met Sri Tathata in 2002, she understood at once he was the immense soul she had always been looking for. Since 2003, she has been travelling throughout the world as both his messenger for the West and a great incarnation of the Divine Mother in her own right, giving darshans, satsang and teachings.

Mother Meera                                                         

Born in India in 1960, Mother Meera is one of the most widely revered and loved of the Avatars of the Divine Mother. In this time of change and growing spiritual hunger, the Mother offers her children a direct transmission of Light that dissolves all barriers and transforms the entire being. She asks no special allegiance and offers her transformative power to all. Darshan consists of the silent bestowal of grace and light through her gaze and touch.


Some years ago Mohanji was working in business when a series of crushing blows devastated his life. His intense suffering plunged him into a deep inner exploration and genuine search. "One by one, God removed everything that I was attached to, and placed me firmly on the path of spiritual evolution". His quest led him to encounters with many living Masters, and finally to the Himalayas where he pursued his sadhana. Today Mohanji continues to work in business in order to remain financially independent, does charitable work, and shares his meditation practices freely wherever there is a thirst for them.


Swami Nardanand Tirth                                    


Born in 1958 in northern India, when he was 10 years old he went to study in a traditional Vedic school where, over a period of 12 years, he was taught Sanskrit, philosophy and the various founding texts of Hinduism, taking monastic vows at age 14. He later met Swami Shivom Tirth, the master who initiated him through Shaktipat into the system of Siddha Maha Yoga. He then practised for years in solitude and isolation, deep in the jungle, in secluded caves and sacred places. He thus established himself permanently in a state of heightened awareness. In 1990, he founded the Siddha Ashram in the holy city of Ujjain in central India. Recently, he has been travelling every year to Europe and America in order to transmit the gift of Shaktipat initiation to sincere seekers.  


Shri Prakash Ji                                                         


Shri Prakash Ji was born in Patna, the capital of the Indian state of Bihar, one of the most ancient cities of India. Here the Teacher spent his childhood. Unlike his peers, already in childhood he often kept contemplating and speaking about God and opted for meditation and solitude. Since he was a child the Teacher has possessed knowledge and distinguished himself by insight more typical of older wise men. Shri Prakash Ji moved to Russia at a young age and has been living there for around 25 years. His outstanding qualities and Knowledge also attracted people in Russia and they began approaching him for help and advice. Spirituality in the broad sense, as taught by Shri Prakash Ji, means that a person taking the spiritual path of life becomes happy, discovers joy, peace and love, as well as achieving material success.
Beside regular satsangs and individual meetings with people in Moscow, the Teacher visits many Russian cities and towns as well as other countries.


Satguru Sri Ramana Devi                                       


My Divine Mission is to share the journey of Self realisation with as many souls as possible in the next 35 years. I have a huge responsibility that I take very seriously. It is very important to me that as many souls as possible feel safe enough in my presence to flourish and grow into their Realisation. I was 5 years old when I realised my true nature was one with the Divine, and there was no one around me at the time that I could identify with, or feel the same as. I deem it highly important that souls can realise their true nature in my presence, and educate themselves towards a brighter future. One of support, recognition, respect and reverence for who they are and what they can accomplish. These are all the Divine experiences that were sadly not afforded to myself, but as a direct result of my lack of support on a physical level I feel highly driven to provide this whenever and wherever possible.

Sri Saraswathi Ma                                                    

"THE HEART knows. All the answers to all your questions lie here in the Heart. The Heart is not a place to arrive at, yet still, to know peace we must come to the Heart. To come to the Heart is to be as a child. A child makes no demands on life. It has no expectations; all is eternally fresh and spontaneous in a child's eyes. The difference between the potential of a child and an adult is that an adult has a greater capacity to become aware of his Innocence. To be aware of Innocence is Peace itself. What is Innocence but Existence, your own Heart, your own Self? To come to the Heart is to be as you are; which is Love. Pure Love, your own Self, does not think....... To speak from the Heart is to listen, to fine-tune your hearing to the Silence of Being. Tune in to your Self, in to your divine frequency, and then you shall know beyond knowing who You are."

Sri Shivarudra Balayogi                                             

Sri Shivarudra Balayogi, affectionately known as Babaji, is a Self-realized Yogi – one who has completed the path of Yoga and attained union with the Divine Consciousness. Offering initiation into the technique of Dhyana meditation freely to any who desires it without obligation, he engages his audiences world-wide with his profound spiritual insight drawn from deep personal experience rather than scriptural study. This is coupled with a charming personality, a delightful sense of humour and a unique ability to present the deepest spiritual Truth in a simple but complete manner.

Sri Tathata                                                             

Sri Tathata is an enlightened sage born in Kerala, India, and now dividing his time between his ashrams in Varishtapuri, Kerala, and Kollur, Karnataka, when he is not on his frequent travels in India and abroad. He spent much of his early years meditating alone, absorbed in the Divine, before following the strict discipline of a yogi. Then came the time for his mission: to reveal the Divine Nature of human beings and help us fulfill our highest potential. He brings a new dimension to both Indian and Western spirituality, seeing no separation between material and spiritual life. His teachings of the Middle Way, summarized in his Dharma Sutras, together with unique spiritual exercises imparted through initiations, help us to harmonise all aspects of our life and accelerate our spiritual progress towards the realisation of the Self and our establishment in It. He warns that we are on the verge of serious upheavals unless we change our ways, individually and collectively.


Thich Nhat Hanh                                                    


One of the best known and most respected Zen masters in the world today, poet, and peace and human rights activist, Thich Nhat Hanh (called Thây by his students) has led an extraordinary life. Born in central Vietnam in 1926 he joined the monkhood at the age of sixteen. The Vietnam War confronted the monasteries with the question of whether to adhere to the contemplative life and remain meditating in the monasteries, or to help the villagers suffering under bombings and other devastation of the war. Nhat Hanh was one of those who chose to do both, helping to found the "engaged Buddhism" movement. His life has since been dedicated to the work of inner transformation for the benefit of individuals and society. He lives in Plum Village, the French meditation community he founded in 1982, where he teaches, writes, and gardens; and he leads retreats worldwide on "the art of mindful living."