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Anasuya Devi                                       "Mother of All" biography


With the permission of author Richard Schiffman, we are pleased to make available her biography called 'Mother of All'.

Please click here to view or download Section 1 of the book (Chaps. 1 - 17) in PDF format.

Section 2 (Chap. 18 onwards) can be viewed here

Shree Maa                                                   Temple webcam


Daily recitation of Chandi Path, arati, scripture and bhajan chanting, prayers, as well as live broadcast of major festivals like Navaratri and Guru Purnima, and currently Swami's pilgrimage in India.

Dr. Harsha Luthar                             The Enlightenment Business

The Enlightenment Business: Wisdom For Sale.
Religion and spirituality today are a big business...

Ramana Maharshi                                  Talks by David Godman


Talks on Sri Ramana Maharshi by David Godman, and interview.


Sri Karunamayi                                          Website resources

This site contains many free resources on chants and mantras, religious festivals and teachings, particularly on the Special Events and Teachings pages.                                        "Autobiography of a Yogi"


The original 1946 text of this classic book by Paramhansa Yogananda is now available to read free online.

School of Economic Science                     Practical Philosophy

Courses and drop-in events on Practical Philosophy, meditation and spiritual topics.

Venue:  11 Mandeville Place, London W1U 3AJ

The Study Society                                           Spiritual studies


A selection of free courses and events on non-duality, meditation and Fourth Way studies.

Venue:  151 Talgarth Rd, London W14 9DA


Ramana Maharshi UK                          

Theosophical Society                       

Dhyana Centre                                                         

Bhakti Marga OM Chanting                                    

Ramakrishna Vedanta Centre                                 

Indian Cultural Centre, London                                      

Buddha at the Gas Pump                                                    

Spiritual England                                       

Wake Up London                                                   

Beautiful Masters                                                             

Heartfulness Meditation                                                  

Conscious Walking                                                        

The Culturium                                                         



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