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Light in London was created simply to announce the visits to London by spiritual Masters from various traditions, who do not charge money for core spiritual practices.

Additionally, various free spiritual events are also announced.

Information is on the Home page. If you choose to subscribe to our mailing list, you will receive the occasional email about upcoming events.




Our purpose is simply to disseminate information; inclusion on this web site does not imply any sort of recommendation or endorsement and we leave you, the reader, to make your own judgment about the persons and organisations concerned.


Unfortunately, this whole field has at times been open to abuse and we would therefore advise readers to exercise caution and discrimination in this area and to use common sense before, say, making large donations or significant personal commitments.


In times past, seekers were encouraged to surrender totally to the guru. This has been abused in some cases, and we leave the reader to decide whether such injunctions are appropriate in this day and age.

The famous Indian saint Sri Ramakrishna used to tell his followers: “Test me as the money-changers test their coins. You must not accept me until you have tested me thoroughly."


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