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Satsang with Nitya

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Satsang with Nitya

Time & Location

24 Jul 2019, 19:00 – 25 Jul 2019, 21:00
The Study Society, 151 Talgarth Rd, Hammersmith, London W14 9DA, UK

About the Event

You are invited to be a part of a unique opportunity to meet in Truth with our beloved non-duality teacher - Nitya.

We will be exploring the nature of the Self, beyond concept of the mind, to find who we truly are.

"Most of your questions will disappear, when you will place your identity in Consciousness, not in the person" Nitya


Satsang is a Sanskrit word that means "gathering together for the Truth", "being in the company of the Truth." Truth is what is real, what exists. So all there is, is the Truth. Whenever something increases your experience of the Truth, it opens your Heart and quiets your mind.

Conversely, whenever something, such as a thought, fear, or judgment, limits or narrows your experience of the Truth, the Heart contracts and the mind gets busier. We are all equally endowed with this capacity to discriminate the Truth. Thus, the true teacher, or satguru, is within you, and satsang, or being with the Truth, is endless.

The goal of the Satsang is to awaken and return to ones natural state. It is not a teaching, it is not another concept for the mind. But it requires an honest urge to discover that what is prior to the mind, eternal and free.

You have always been here in the embrace of your true nature as aware, loving space. You have always been in Satsang.


Nitya is a non duality teacher. She discovered Satsang when a series of events led her to India, where she arrived at Ramana Maharishi ashram in Tiruvannamalai.

Next years she spent in satsangs with Sri Mooji, traveling with other teachers, helping with translations and hosting meetings in her own house.

In the presence of her beloved Teacher and Master Sri Mooji, all illusions collapsed. He gave her name Nitya, which in Sanskrit means 'the eternal essence'. She has been sharing satsangs and retreats for the last few years in Poland and abroad.

''My role is only to facilitate in this discovery, the journey one must take on his own. I am only giving directions and pointings left here by other travellers. Satsangs are spontaneous, aimed at self-discovery and inquire Who am I beyond any identity.

Although I have no aim to change or save the world, sharing with people who are willing to look within, and inquire "Who am I?" is my biggest passion. Because solving this quest... solves everything else... (...)

You are THIS that is eternal. Nameless. It is not possible to limit it. It is not possible to name it. It is not possible to describe it, to give it a label. Even a glimpse of contact with it, speaking about it, makes you feel moved. It is like that when consciousness starts seeing itself.

When you open your eyes, God opens his. When you close your eyes, He closes his. You wouldn't exist without God... God wouldn't exist without you.'' Nitya

Satsangs with Nitya are very spontaneous in nature. She welcomes everyone to share and ask questions. She answers from deeper knowing beyond mind judgements and interpretations. Apart from explaining issues and problems of the mind, there is intensive energetic process which is felt by the group.


WEDNESDAY 24th of July 7pm-9pm

THURSDAY 25th of July 7pm-9pm


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Suggested donation £15 for satsang

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